423,421,412,1013,410,415 Really? A VPN can Protect you from Hackers?

Really? A VPN can Protect you from Hackers?

Really? A VPN can Protect you from Hackers?

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”Buy VPN, it will protect you from hackers”, “No one will be able to access your personal data” “No VPN No Privacy”

Well Yes but actually No

No doubt, a VPN is an extra layer of security but this is not the only thing we need to protect us. If that’s it why not all we use VPN and then no hacker will be able to hack into any system?

Let me tell you the actual truth, what a VPN can actually protect you from.

1. Bypass the Censorship

In countries like China where majority websites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram all these applications are banned. A VPN is helpful to bypass the country censorship by connecting to the server located in the USA from China using VPN. Once connected,  a person located in China can access all applications or websites which are restricted by their country/state.

2. Location Spoofing

We all know every device we are using has the IP address assigned that tells the internet where we are located at. But with connecting to VPN it allows us to hide our actual location by connecting with VPN to connect with different servers from around the world and hide our actual location. Which is also helpful to access the Geo restricted content 

Such as, A person from India usually cannot access the American Netflix. While a VPN allows that person to connect with a US server from their VPN application in order to show the internet that he/she is located in the US and can accessing the content.

3. Data Encryption

Back in old days when websites weren’t secured, VPN was the better option to use to encrypt our data. But nowadays, majority websites are encrypted (a lock symbol on your browser’s address bar) clears the fear. No matter, you are connected to VPN or not if you are connected to a website with “lock” symbol you are secured.

But, it also does not mean that VPNs do nothing. We all know when we are accessing any website our ISP (Internet service provider) knows which website we are visiting. But if you connect with VPN, your home or any ISP, your university, your school’s ISP will never know which website you are visiting because the data is being encrypted by VPN service providers.


1. Public Wifi User’s

If you are the one of the user’s who does his/her job outside and usually connects with any public wifi (such as  shopping malls, a coffee shop wifi). Then I’ll recommend you to use a VPN. because if you are connected to any unsecured wifi network a hacker can see all your details from your device. It is usually not recommend to connect with public wifi network but if its really necessary then it’s better to connect with a VPN so no one over that wifi can see your activity logs.

2. Wi-Fi protection at Home

First case, Usually our home wifi routers are not secure because by default when you log into the router web portal its user id and password is set as to “admin” “admin”. If somehow a hacker got your IP address, he/she can easily invade your home network and can control all your smart devices.

Second case, your home wifi does not have any password setup then trust me you are the one inviting hackers to your home network. Please set up a password for it and follow the next step.

So if you are one of them, you can use VPN to connect every time when you go online so your devices will be secured. Otherwise, specially for these two scenarios, call your Wi-Fi service provider and ask for assistance on how you can change user id and password for the router and how to set password for wifi. I am pretty sure they will assist you.

Stay safe, Stay Secure!


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