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9 Types of Physical Security In Network

Types of Physical Security In Network

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Hacking, phishing, cyber-attack and DDos In front of these attacks Physical threats to network often got neglected. Whereas protecting the physical assets of a network is as crucial as protecting the logical aspects of network. 

Physical security is one of the underrated security in a network. However, breaches of physical security  does happen. In order to prevent these breaches there are multiple ways we will discuss about how to protect the physical security in network.

1. Access controls 

Access controls 

The first step to maintain the physical layer of network is to restrict the access to only designated person or authorities. The term access control means to restrict the entrance in building or in a particular section in building. 

The premier layer of Physical security method is to Protect the company from intruders by Implementing an authentication device at the building entrance. Devices like smart card reader, biometric scanner, Pin Pad, Security tokens can be used in this access control methods. 

By using these devices on the entrance of a building, it allows the access to only authorized person to enter while other, without authenticating themselves they can’t enter into the building. 

Now, second layer of physical security is by giving access to employees to certain area. It’s not adequate that all employees have the access to server room. Similarly goes with another department. Restricting the access to only authorized person to some location is best practice to implement inside the company. 

2. Video surveillance

Video surveillance is also a crucial technique of securing the physical layer of network. Having CCTV cameras on the building helps to detect the activates and can be very helpful, if a business face any suspicious activities. Modern CCTV camera system allows to store the recording upto many days. 

While CCTV does provide evidence during any criminal activities but with clear signage in place, you can show individuals that they are on camera and should not consider criminal activity. 

3. Exterior lights 

Exterior lights might seem to be simple and not much important procedure but it plays essential role in nights. Nowadays, some exterior light comes with sensor so whenever a living being comes into the range of the sensor light turn up automatically. In case an intruder comes at night, exterior lights helps to visualize and Cameras will record the whole scene. 

4. Lock up the server room 

Locking up the server room and giving the access only to authorized persons (admins) is the best practice. Restricting access even for employees as well is good method to keep the server room secure and protected from non-authorized access.  

5. Protecting Backups and Servers 

Cabinets are available in market that can be locked digitally or mechanically. As these cabinets can be used to protect the servers and important hardware backup from any non-authorized access. Regardless of LAN or WAN in any case even if a non-authorized person somehow managed to enters into the server room as the server and backups are locked in a cabinet an intruder cannot harm the hardware. 

6. Alarm Systems and Sensors 

 Alarm Systems and Sensors 

Alarm system can be installed in a building to alert the security in case if someone attempts to get into the non-approved area. Else can be super powerfully tool if any terror attacks happen in a building. Fire alarms, water leak alarm system also prevents the physical and logical loss to a company.

Whereas sensors, variety of sensors are available in market such as heat, motion or perimeter sensors that can be implemented according to business needs. 

7. ID cards 

Another great security measure that any business can implement is ID cards for staff. It’s a simple step to take for a larger business where multiple employees work. but doing so ensures that anyone who wants to get access to your building needs an ID card. Not only can this function as an easy way for security staff to check everyone entering the building, it also makes anyone without an ID card stand out as the move around your premises. 

8. Car park security 

The parking area for a property is a surprisingly vulnerable area, and it is important that you put the proper safety precautions in place. Only allowing the access to employees in the parking area, Proper entry and exit arrangements and installing security cameras installed there are best practice that can be implement. 

9. Create a security culture 

Types of Physical Security In Network

Employees in a company are the first line of defence in physical security. Even though your company has the highly advance security procedure that might includes a lot of encrypting the data and hashed them. if employees aren’t trained well, there is always a chance of data breach.  

Provide regular training sessions to employees about the importance of good security practice and the things that they can perform to help the business be more secure.  Guiding them if they see someone doing suspicious activities report to admin ASAP. Because its not only the protecting the network, Its about Protecting the Client’s Trust, Value in the market and employee’s Jobs.

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