Enroll Personal iOS device in Intune – Step By Step

In the IT world sometimes we want to allow users to enroll their BYOD devices in the organization and sometimes we have to block them. Today we are going on a Step By Step procedure on how we can enroll an individual’s iOS device in Intune.

On the Other hand, if you would like to block BYOD enrollment, I highly encourage you to check my another blog post on Blocking BYOD enrollment

Let’s first meet some prerequisites in order to perform BYOD enrollment of the iOS device


  1. Make sure your users have an Intune license assigned.
  2. Check if the device is supported or not
  3. Set-up MDM push certificate
  4. BYOD enrollment should not be blocked
  5. Check your device Limit restrictions

Once you complete the Prerequisites now it’s the time to start the enrollment personal ios enrollment.

Step By Step Procedure on enrolling personal iOS device

Go to the App Store and download the company portal application.

 download the company portal application

Click on Sign in and tell user to enter their Azure AD email address and password

Click on Sign in

Click OK

Click OK

On the pop-up click Allow

On the pop-up click Allow

Now, click on Begin to start the BYOD enrollment

click on Begin to start the enrollment

Click Continue

A pop-up will come up. Hit Allow – Important

A pop-up will come up. Hit Allow

Click close and click on Continue and Click continue again

Click close and click on Continue

Open Settings

Click on the option called Profile Download

Click on the option called Profile Download

Click on Install on top right-hand corner

Enter your device’s passcode

Click Install on the bottom

Now click Install again on the top right-hand corner

Click on Install

Click on Trust on the Remote Management screen. Click Done

Click on Trust on the Remote Management

Open Company portal application

Click on Yes, I installed the profile and click Continue. (You may or You may not get this option because sometime company portal sync automatically)

Now click continue on “Checking device settings”. You may get a pop-up to configure some settings depending on the compliance/app protection policy you are pushing via Intune.

Click Continue

Once it’s complete you can click on the Done

Voila! And that’s how you can enroll your BYOD ios device to Intune. In my next blog, I am going to describe how we can unenroll the personally owned device from Intune. Stay tuned!

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